Peace Community Center | Ashlee



Hi, I’m Ashlee Day, Volunteer and Tutor Coordinator for the Middle School Program I spend my days helping coordinate tutoring in the after school program and keeping track of all the important data that is needed to keep our program running smoothly. I do this by helping recruiting and training volunteers, and working with our Middle School Academic Coaches to know what academic support our students need. When I’m at Peace Community Center, you can find me in one of the classrooms typing away on my laptop trying to catch up on work or getting ready to go to Jason Lee to work with students. When I’m not at Peace, you can find me catching a new movie, trying out a recipe I found on Pinterest, or browsing the shelves at a local bookstore or library. I can talk all day about Pop Culture, Current Events, or whatever book I’m reading at the moment. You can ask me about the Middle School Program and about Volunteer Opportunities at Peace! My email is