The Honor Roll

April 2020

Students Are Learning and Growing Despite COVID

COVID-19 has brought many changes to our schools and our programs, especially as students are still adapting to new ways of learning. That’s why we are so proud of our scholars like Destiny for staying optimistic during these unexpected times.

“As a senior at Foss High School, I was excited for my last semester this spring of 2020! But… things didn’t end up going exactly as planned due to school closures from COVID-19. Even though things don’t always work out the way we hope, there is always a silver lining… My art is one of those examples.

With the amount of extra time I now had on hand staying at home, my grandma suggested that I try painting. My grandmother happened to have a whole bunch of paint she collected from a friend of hers. So I said: why not? And picked up a paintbrush.

I didn’t know what to paint at first, so I looked up a few things and picked out some really cool paintings that I liked and I decided to try to replicate them. And surprisingly, I was actually pretty talented at this! Even though this is not how I planned to spend my last semester of senior year, I’m glad that I found this hidden talent and my new hobby of painting!

Destiny plans on attending Clover Park Technical College this fall with her career interest in the medical field, possibly nursing. 

We continue to support students like Destiny as they adapt to new ways of learning and filling more time at home. Our staff have prepared virtual enrichment videos on engaging topics like “Myth Busters”, have started a virtual book group with our high school scholars, and are working on creating a series of “read-along” videos with targeted vocabulary words for younger students. All of our scholar families are getting weekly phone check-ins and tutoring remains available over phone or video.

The school setting and methods of learning may have changed, but our commitment to supporting students has not. Thank you for standing with us and helping us provide additional resources!

With gratitude,

L. Denice Randle
Executive Director

THANK YOU for an INCREDIBLE Learners to Leaders!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Virtual Learners to Leaders giving event! With your help, we raised nearly $118,000 to continue providing quality academic and enrichment activities for Hilltop Scholars. You have shown us that during unexpected times, our community will step up and fill any gaps. Your ability to gather as a community and offer additional support is truly inspiring!

Logo for the Level Up: Onwards! Learners to Leaders fundraising campaign for Peace Community Center in 2020

Peace is Delivering Care to Families. Want to Help?

In response to school closures, Peace’s Middle School Program Team took to the streets delivering care packages to students and families. Each care package included a letter with information and encouragement, snacks, and details about how to access online academic resources. The goal was to show our students that we are keeping them in our thoughts and provide information about upcoming services. This is just one way our staff have adapted to new ways of supporting students from a distance! But we need your help.

  • Wireless hotspots are in enormous demand — and short supply — as we look to help the students we serve connect to online learning amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Also, families are dealing with food shortages, Many of our students and families in the elementary, middle and high school programs have expressed a need for hot spots to continue their learning
  • Knowing many in the our Peace families were struggling with groceries even before food shelves were being emptied for coronavirus stockpiling, Peace is providing grocery gift cards to some of the hardest hit families. 

Anyone interested in supporting our programs efforts to provide grocery gift cards, hotspots, books for kids and other supplies for families, please make a gift today by clicking here.


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