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Hi, I’m Cindy Huff, Grant Writer. I spend my days telling funders who care about education, youth, and equity how Peace Community Center opens doors for children and youth in the Hilltop through educational programming. I do this by writing letters, answering questions online, and describing our work in the perfect amount of detail to fit on two pages, in 200 words, or in 1,000 characters. When I’m at the Center you can find me at the end of the basement hall just before the red door. When I’m not at Peace you can find me hiking, reading, walking my dog with my husband, hanging out with my youngest son, or checking in with the oldest two. I can talk all day about the best way to tell the story of Hilltop youth, their future, and Peace Community Center. You can ask me about how raising my three sons to love learning led me to loving this job that allows me to use my gifts to open up the world and a myriad of possibilities to other children. My email is cindy@peacecommunitycenter.orgP.S. That was 998 characters, spaces count—but now I’m over.