The Honor Roll

Fall 2020

Distant Services with Personal Care

This school year is unlike any other for our students and Hilltop Scholars programs.

Since March 2020, we have successfully explored online learning pathways, giving us a foundation for moving forward this school year. All components of our Peace Pathway have not wavered in their support of Scholars and their families. We have found new and virtual ways of carrying out one-on-one academic coaching, tutoring, staff-led enrichment activities, and homework assistance.

Bridging the Distance with Academic Coaching

Through supportive relationships, honesty, respect, and participation Peace Community Center’s Academic Coaches and students work as a team to focus on the process of learning. One-on-one academic coaching sessions are an investment in our youth through mentorship, where Scholars have the undivided attention of their Coach to talk about their specific needs and academic progress.

This year, personalized academic coaching is more important than ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kelsey Longrie, Peace’s Middle School Program Manager, recognizes that “we need to continue being active listeners to our Scholars to hear their needs and respond accordingly… academic coaching can be a “rock” for many of our students right now.”

Kelsey was a Peace Academic Coach for four years. Working with both middle and high school Scholars, Kelsey was able to develop meaningful relationships with a variety of families in the Hilltop community.

One of Kelsey’s previous students, Anauncia, explained that “my Academic Coach, Ms. Kelsey, always pushes me to do my greatest. She keeps pestering me to follow up with her, but it’s a good thing. Other teachers don’t give you that much time, but Ms. Kelsey keeps track of me and my grades. I know she believes in me and wants to see me go to college.”

Now Kelsey directs the academic coaching process as the manager of the Middle School Hilltop Scholar program. This year, her goals for coaching sessions are “for scholars to believe in themselves and their abilities, to understand that it’s OK to ask for help, to know their voice is critical in our community and world, and to find their own joy in learning.” Peace’s Academic Coaches are prepared to support Scholars through all the unknowns this school year may bring.

Summer Scholar Successes

Jaydon is a bright, active McCarver Scholar who loves sports. A participant in Peace’s Virtual Summer Academy, he worked hard this summer to practice academic skills and prepare for 3rd grade. Diamond Sudds, our
Elementary Program Assistant, shared that “Jaydon showed a lot of growth during the virtual program, even more so than in our in-person
programs. He was more engaged in projects and came ready to learn.”

Great job, Jaydon!

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