Giving Tuesday: Kah’Zayah’s Story


Kah’Zayah (Right, 5th Grade) volunteered to read out loud for the first time! Her Academic Coach Diamond helps her practice reading.

Kah’Zayah’s Story

Before becoming an Academic Success Coach, Diamond was a student in the Hilltop Scholars program discovering their own academic potential. There, Diamond built relationships with mentors at Peace based on trust and support that helped build their confidence. Today, they have become part of the legacy of passing the torch by working with our next generation of Scholars.

“Three years ago, I connected with Kah’Zayah, a 2nd grade Scholar at McCarver Elementary School. I immediately noticed her ambition to learn and her heart to care for others. Now as a 5th grader, she is still outspoken, sweet, and has a lot of positive energy.”

To be a coach means to build genuine relationships over time. It means being that first person to notice if anything is awry in their life and to help come up with a solution.

Kah’Zayah expresses her trust in our relationship by staying close to me. When she trusts an adult, she follows directions well. The 1 on 1 time we have together has given her space to build skills at her own pace, no longer feeling singled out when she doesn’t finish her work during class time.

Just recently, Kah’Zayah trusted me to hold a safe space for her when she volunteered to face her fear of reading out loud to her classmates. Despite being teased before, she has continued to find confidence and motivation to keep practicing her literary skills.


“I like reading…I’ve always liked reading but I need a little help. Diamond helps me get better, and every time I try, I feel proud and less nervous.”

– Kah’Zayah, 5th Grade

“I almost cried; for the past three years I have seen her avoid reading and writing in front of others, and now to see her volunteer to read out loud shows her incredible determination and persistence. I continue to feel so proud of Kah’Zayah for this moment.”

Connecting with Kay’Zayah about her academic growth has illuminated her potential. I’ve seen first-hand the impact of investing time and resources into our youth, and I know that personalized coaching will help Scholars thrive this school year and beyond.

I am proud to walk alongside Kah’Zayah into her future and play a role in her academic journey. Whether I am celebrating her successes or helping her navigate new challenges, my biggest hope for Kah’Zayah is for her to love herself, honor herself, and find happiness.

Thank you for believing in our Scholars and seeing their true potential. As an Academic Coach working with incredible McCarver Scholars every day, I am truly grateful for your care for our Hilltop community this holiday season!

Kah’Zayah’s Story is a special part of this year’s 2021 End of Year appeal. Any gift made this season before December 31st, 2021 will be matched up to $15,000. Your support provides continued individualized mentorship to our Scholars.

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