Lemon's Story

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Our Scholar Lemon knows how to utilize the tools she has been given. An 8th grader at Hilltop Heritage, Lemon has been a Bobcat Scholar for three years. For Lemon, being a Bobcat Scholar brings her happiness and a safe place to hang out with her friends after school. Being a Scholar has changed her life in many ways, and her family’s as well. With two hard-working parents, managing a schedule can occasionally be difficult. With the after-school program in place, not only does Lemon get to work on homework and have fun with her friends, her parents have more flexibility with time, and the peace of mind their daughter is somewhere safe expanding her horizons.

Lemon joined Bobcat Scholars because of the great time she has. Not only does she get help with homework, but she also gets to catch up with friends who she normally does not see during the school day. Bobcat Scholars promotes enrichment and leadership, and Lemon says this has influenced her positively because she has learned how to lead socially and initiate conversations. The COVID-19 pandemic brought various academic and social challenges to Scholars, especially caused by the shift to virtual learning. Lemon expressed that staying connected to her friends throughout the pandemic had been a challenge for her, and she is excited this year to be back in person and around others. Bobcat Scholars has assisted her in overcoming the challenges brought on by the pandemic because of the opportunities to interact with her peers and be in an environment that relaxes her. To avoid falling behind, Lemon gets to work on homework with Scholars and staff who will help her with subjects such as algebra.

“When I was having some trouble in math, Mr. Lupe helped me figure it out. He took as much time as I needed, and really explained my math to me in a way I could understand.”

Being a Bobcat Scholar means Lemon’s horizons have been expanded. It is important to feel proud of what you have accomplished, and Lemon feels proud of her artwork and craftiness, and the opportunities she gets to work with clay sculpting during enrichment activities. These are just some of the Bobcat Scholars projects that allow the youth to explore creatively.

Lemon’s future is bright, and she strives to give back to the community that has helped her. Currently, she is working on fully understanding her classwork and thinking about her future. Lemon’s goals include working with animals one day, maybe as a zoologist. She is a member of “Animal Club”, where she gets to work on different projects and read books about animals, which is something she enjoys. In the future, she would like to serve the homeless community. This is inspired by her mother who used to work at a shelter, so Lemon understands firsthand how she can learn to support individuals going through a difficult time in their lives. This speaks to the humble and caring nature of Lemon, and we are excited to watch Lemon continue to grow through her future successes and endeavors through Bobcat Scholars.

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