The Honor Roll

May 2020

Inspiring Peace Families Continue to Show Resilience

Our scholars continue to inspire us! Through all the unexpected changes our students have had to navigate recently, they continue to hold grace and resilience with them. Here’s how Jayoscia, a junior Hilltop Scholar at the School of the Arts (SOTA), has been adapting to staying home and healthy:

“When the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order started, my junior year changed drastically! One of the biggest adjustments in my education has been learning from home and shifting to weekly assignments and homework due online (compared to the in class collaboration with teachers and students). At times, this lock down feels boring without a lot of structure or time schedules. 

Since I have more time on my hands, I’ve started doing home workouts and going on 2-mile runs with my mom! Although I can’t play basketball with my teammates, I enjoy spending the extra quality time with my mom and exercising to relieve stress (and my mom helps keep me motivated). I also have been learning how to keep myself accountable for my school work. I am doing a lot more work independently and still have my goals of at least a 3.0 GPA and A’s and B’s for the end of my second semester. Hilltop Scholars has been really supportive of me during this time.

My Academic Coach calls weekly to make sure I have everything I need to complete my weekly assignments– even if it’s just a checking in to make sure my family and I are okay. The things I am looking forward to most after COVID-19 are: my senior year, playing basketball, returning to the school campus and getting back to my regular routine! Although these times are difficult, stressful and uncertain, I am learning valuable skills in self-accountability, resilience and the small joys that life brings.”

Jayoscia really said it best! We hope you continue to enjoy the small things life has to offer and stay healthy. 

With gratitude,

L. Denice Randle
Executive Director

Your Peace Team is Keeping our Community Connected

Our staff have been coming up with creative ways to keep students connected. Click on the video to watch our middle school team show students a science experiment breaking surface tension of milk! There are more educational videos available on Peace’s YouTube page!

We have also kept students connected through virtual seminars! At our most recent seminar for high school seniors, students worked on their 13th year plans, reflecting on their dream careers, how they will continue building skills to get there, and how they will manage their finances after graduation. It’s also a chance for students to check in with each other and share tips for online learning.

You Have Been Key in Keeping Peace Healthy and Strong

While the end to the school year is not going as anyone had planned, we are so thankful for your continued support through these new experience. Thanks to you, we have been able to adapt our services to meet the current needs of our families, like providing grocery gift cards, internet access and technology support, and personal support on virtual platforms.

Reflecting on our regular model for programs, you can now check out what you have helped make possible in the 2018-2019 year! We are so happy to have worked with you and some truly incredible students.

Click here to view our annual report online!

Peace Has The Best Partners Imaginable: Thank You!

The commitment of our community to investing in quality education for Hilltop students continues to be truly inspiring. Between our individual donors, foundations, churches, and business partnerships, we are so grateful for our giving community that has continued to stand with our families through changing times. Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we have adapted our programs to meet changing student needs. You are each an important piece of a strong network of support that has chosen to invest in future leaders of our community.

We want to recognize our sponsors one more time for being such incredible partners to work with! Thank you for being so flexible and understanding with us as we adapted to a new platform for our Learners to Leaders annual event. 

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