The Honor Roll

November 2020

Scholar Shares Her Voice Through Poetry

Middle School Hilltop Scholars are taught to find their voice and use its power to make changes in the world around them. And that’s exactly what 8th grade Scholar Natalya is doing. Through her passion for poetry, Natalya encourages others to listen:

Can you hear me? I think you can, but do you really understand?

Listen to my voice hear me speak. Listen to what I’m saying and I’m asking please.

Hear the colors of my voice the beauty and anger then rejoice.

My voice is loud patterned and bright. Beautiful and creative I’m always right.

I fight my case and I stay strong this is what I hear when I sing along.

You can tell who I am just in one word. Then if you’ll listen long enough you will see that I’m hurt.

But you will also see my happiness and my glee.

While I’m jumping and bright you will see the hyper in me.

When I talk, I want you to think where did she come from? and why do I believe

Every word that she says. She ties every one of her ends.

But listen to the power, listen to the fight.

Then look inside of you now I see it there too.

Your beauty, and passion, your kindness, all of you.

I have these things and I let them shine bright.

You have them too so show me your fight.

Follow me lead like steps 1, 2, 3.

Then make your own path I want to see

You show me who you are and then we can sing

Forever among the greats you and me.

Our Scholars across the Peace Pathway are empowered to share their voice and talents, like through Natalya’s poetry. Thank you for supporting Hilltop Scholars, a space for young leaders to find their voice.

Families Come Together for The Fall Harvest

To celebrate the season, Scholars joined us for a socially-distanced “trunk-or-treat” Halloween party! Scholars and their families picked up lots of candy and treats, as well as a “spooky” STEAM themed take-home project. Our goal is to engage Scholars and families in academics while having fun!

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Scholar Mentorship

Alex (6th grade) sometimes gets distracted during our virtual group sessions, but by working virtually alongside older scholar Natayla (8th grade-poetry above), they are both able to focus. Alex started sharing her screen to show her math problems, and with some help from Ms. Ashley and Natayla, Alex got 100% on her math homework and even started other assignments! Natayla gave Alex helpful tips for word problems and mixed number math problems. Natayla also gave Alex some great advice about how math teachers want the final answers written in middle school math. At the end of the program, Alex and Natayla were having a great conversation about Jason Lee Middle School experience. Thank you for supporting Hilltop Scholars where Scholars can build helpful relationships across grade levels!

Scholars work together to solve math problems virtually during our after-school program.

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